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The I-House Program Office is here to create opportunities for residents to foster intercultural friendships and have fun through signature I-House events, student-initiated programs, trips and activities.

We accomplish this by working in collaboration with I-House residents, Resident Council, the Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership, Resident Services and the greater UC Berkeley Community in order to build meaningful connections between I-House and its many stakeholders.

We will update this page with opportunities as they arise throughout the year. 

Looking forward to working with you! 

Meetups are weekly or one-time events initiated, organized, and led by I-House residents.

The Program Office supports meetups by publicizing the event to residents and providing a small budget to help with snacks and the kick-off and closing sessions. We also help residents secure space at I-House for meetups, generally in the student spaces of I-House (Gamble Lounge, Game Room, floor lounges, Great Hall). We have a limited amount of equipment and supplies that are available for short-term checkout. 

Past examples of meetups have included resident-led yoga and dance classes, game nights, pick-up sports games, pop-up art exhibitions, and movie nights. Meetups are open to the entire I-House community as well as outside guests, at the discretion of the lead resident and in compliance with the I-House Community Standards. 

Please note that for meetups, the Program Office cannot provide staffing, any equipment that requires staff oversight, or access to non-resident areas of I-House. If you're looking to host a larger-scale event with a bigger budget, please fill out the form for a Resident-Initiated Event Proposal.

Want to propose an idea or organize an event for the I-House community? I-House has funding available to directly fund ideas initiated by residents. We require at least 2-3 weeks for planning and outreach, so submit your proposal early in the semester for consideration. Recieve help with event coordination and funding support to implement your idea.  


Past examples of resident-initiated events have included:

  • Chinese calligraphy classes, paint night, self-defense workshops at I-House
  • Tickets to musicals, concerts, and dance performances in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley
  • Tickets to professional baseball and basketball games
  • Day trips to the beach, hiking in Marin County, and San Francisco
  • Museum visits to Night Life at the Academy of Sciences and the Exploratorium
  • Open mic night, ballroom dancing, movie night, cheese tasting, pop-up art shows at I-House


In order to successfully organize and publicize an event, you must submit your proposal at least 2-3 weeks in advance.  More complex events (involving transportation off-site, reservations, etc.) require at least three residents as part of the organizing team and may require more lead time. Please note that the execution and scheduling of Community Building Events are dependent on the existing program schedule and staffing capacity.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What’s the budget? The budget for Community Building Events funded by the Program Office is $500. If you need more funds for your event, fill out the application for a Community Building Event over $500 and the proposal will go to Resident Council for approval. 
  • What do I have to do as the lead resident? Come up with an idea that would be interesting to residents, fill out a proposal, and meet with the Program Office to discuss logistics. Depending on the complexity of your event, we may ask you to do more organizing and planning. If it’s a simple event like going to a concert, show, or museum, you are mostly just coming up with the idea and helping promote to your friends and on Facebook. 
  • What’s the price for residents? It depends. All tickets and trips are subsidized for I-House residents. Usually the Program Office or Resident Council covers around 50% of the price.
  • Can I reserve spaces for my friends? The tickets will go up on Eventbrite like any other event run by the Program Office. There will be a spot reserved for you, but you can’t reserve spaces for your friends. You can encourage them to sign up and give them the registration link. 
  • What happens after I submit a proposal? The Program Office will review your proposal and get in touch to get more details or talk about next steps.
  • Can we go skydiving/motorcycle racing/bungee jumping? No, sorry our insurance doesn’t cover extreme sports or very risky activities
  • Can we get funding to rent cars or stay overnight somewhere (Yosemite, LA, Vegas etc)? No, sorry our insurance doesn’t cover that, you can request a bus for a day trip. Trips to Yosemite, Las Vegas, LA, and Napa are available through USA Student Tour (use code IHB for a small discount for I-House residents). 
  • I have more questions about submitting a proposal, who can I talk to? You can stop by the Program Office and talk to one of our PAs or send an email to to set up an appointment with one of our professional staff members.


Submit your requests for sports equipment, board games, and other supplies you'd like to have available at I-House. Proposals will be reviewed by the Program Office for approval.

*UPDATE* All available dates to host Coffee hour for the Fall 2018 semester are full. If you would like to reserve a space for Spring 2019 semester, please fill out this form. 

Share your culture and show your pride by hosting a themed Coffee Hour!  Work with a few friends and revieve a $300 budget to showcase typical foods, beverages, and cultural expressions from your home region.

Coffee Hour proposals must be submitted at least two weeks before your proposed date. You must have a group of at least three I-House residents helping with the coordination, they do not have to be from the same country. 

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