Get Involved. Make the Most of I-House.

The I-House Program Office is here to create opportunities for residents to foster intercultural friendships and have fun through signature I-House events, student-initiated programs, trips and activities.

We accomplish this by working in collaboration with I-House residents, Resident Council, the Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership, Resident Services and the greater UC Berkeley Community in order to build meaningful connections between I-House and its many stakeholders.

We will update this page with opportunities as they arise throughout the year. 

Looking forward to working with you! 

Application materials are due by Friday, August 31, 2018 at 12 noon. Applicants must be a current UC Berkeley student (graduate or undergraduate) and I-House Resident to apply. International students must have permission to work in the U.S. Work study accepted. Successful candidates will be subjected to a background check, which may affect their ability to be hired.

Job Description:

International House Program Assistants (PAs) work to foster the I-House mission through the design and implementation of educational, cultural and social programs for I-House residents, non-resident UC Berkeley students, UC Berkeley international students and scholars, and the greater community. Program Assistants will have the opportunity to take on a wide variety of roles throughout the year and build skills in event planning, stage production, marketing, customer service, administrative support, intercultural communication, and leadership. Program Assistants work events and trips and also hold weekly office hour shifts at the Program Office. 

Main Responsibilities

  • Organizing and assisting with event set-up, registration, serving refreshments, check-in and loading for bus trips, backstage production during shows, and clean-up 
  • Welcoming, including, and getting to know residents during events and trips
  • During office hour shifts, performing administrative tasks in preparation for events and covering the front desk reception of the Program Office and assisting residents as needed
  • Promoting events and activities by creating flyers, posting on social media, in-person outreach, and maintaining the bulletin boards
  • Keeping informed and up-to-date with current offerings and policies and effectively communicating these opportunities to residents
  • Program Assistants are expected to take on the role of MC (Master of Ceremonies) at least once during the year for Sunday Supper, Resident Concert, or Global Homecoming
  • Program Assistants are also required to take a lead role in organizing a Community Building Event at least once during the year

Time Commitment
Program Assistants work approximately 6-15 hours per week, depending upon the number and scale of current events. All Program Assistants are required to hold office hours for a minimum of 3 hours (no shifts shorter than 2 hours, 3 hours shifts are preferable) and attend the weekly Program Office staff meetings (typically held Fridays at 3-4:30pm). Evening and weekend shifts such as fitness classes, Coffee Hour, and trips and major events will be assigned during staff meetings. Successful Program Assistants are able to balance responsibilities of the job with their academics and social life.

Training of Program Assistants is done by I-House staff, experienced Program Assistants, and occasionally outside individuals. Program Assistants receive training both in the practical aspects of planning and executing programs and in issues related to working in a culturally diverse environment. Program Office professional staff will guide and advise you in your work, as you grow through hands-on experience. PAs are compensated for time spent on all student staff training. Program Assistants at required to undergo 4-hour mandatory CPR training after selection in order to work off-site trips and activities with residents.

Supervision and Evaluation
Program Assistants are jointly supervised by the three professional staff of the Program Office. At the end of each semester, Program Assistants complete self-evaluations and are given feedback by peers and professional staff. Employment as a Program Assistant may be terminated at any time during the semester for unsatisfactory performance.

Program Assistants earn an hourly rate of $13.75/hour and can work up to 47 hours per month. Payment is made every two weeks upon approval of timesheets submitted through Caltime.

Necessary Skills and Experience

  • Belief in I-House Mission and a strong desire to build community among I-House Residents
  • Ability to keep calm and continue effective work during high-pressure situations 
  • Strong teamwork skills, willingness to help and support peers with assigned tasks
  • Initiative and self-motivation to work independently with minimal supervision and take ownership and responsibility of tasks and projects
  • Positive, energetic attitude and the flexibility and resourcefulness to work well with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Strong communication skills (written, in-person, email)
  • Awareness and understanding of differences in personality, culture, and background of team members and residents
  • Ability to actively include and get to know residents and fellow PAs 
  • Strong time management skills to effectively balance your role as a PA with academics, social life, and being an I-House resident
  • Fluency on Microsoft Office Suite and Google Suite 


Bonus Skills

  • Experience in photography, especially event photography
  • Experience in graphic design, especially Canva
  • Experience with video editing
  • Experience with sound/light production for concerts, shows, or theater 

Audition Applications Due: Sunday, September 20, 11:30pm

Calling all poets, musicians, magicians, dancers, and other performers! Show your talent at Sunday Supper this fall and perform in the I-House Auditorium.

1.  Make a video one to three minutes long that shows the specific song, dance, poem, or other performance you would like to present for Sunday Supper.
2.  Submit your video and fill out this audition application no later than Sunday, July 8, 11:59pm.
3. You will be notified by Wednesday, July 11 with our decision on your submission, along with rehearsal schedule details.
4. Rehearsals: There is a mandatory rehearsal on Sunday, September 23, 1-4pm (your group will be schedule for a specific rehearsal slot). Please make sure that everyone in your group can be available during this time. There is additional rehearsal time in the auditorium on Sunday, July 8, 6-9pm.

Share your culture and show your pride by hosting a themed Coffee Hour!  Work with a few friends and revieve a $300 budget to showcase typical foods, beverages, and cultural expressions from your home region. 

Coffee Hour proposals must be submitted at least two weeks before your proposed date. You must have a group of at least three I-House residents helping with the coordination, they do not have to be from the same country. 

Meetups are weekly or one-time events initiated, organized, and led by I-House residents.

The Program Office supports meetups by publicizing the event to residents and providing a small budget to help with snacks and the kick-off and closing sessions. We also help residents secure space at I-House for meetups, generally in the student spaces of I-House (Gamble Lounge, Game Room, floor lounges, Great Hall). We have a limited amount of equipment and supplies that are available for short-term checkout. 

Past examples of meetups have included resident-led yoga and dance classes, game nights, pick-up sports games, pop-up art exhibitions, and movie nights. Meetups are open to the entire I-House community as well as outside guests, at the discretion of the lead resident and in compliance with the I-House Community Standards. 

Please note that for meetups, the Program Office cannot provide staffing, any equipment that requires staff oversight, or access to non-resident areas of I-House. If you're looking to host a larger-scale event with a bigger budget, please fill out the form for a Resident-Initiated Event Proposal.

Submit your requests for sports equipment, board games, and other supplies you'd like to have available at I-House. Proposals will be reviewed by the Program Office for approval.

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