Get Involved. Make the Most of I-House.

The I-House Program Office is here to create opportunities for residents to foster intercultural friendships and have fun through signature I-House events, student-initiated programs, trips and activities.

We accomplish this by working in collaboration with I-House residents, Resident Council, the Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership, Resident Services and the greater UC Berkeley Community in order to build meaningful connections between I-House and its many stakeholders.

We will update this page with opportunities as they arise throughout the year. 

Looking forward to working with you! 

First review of application materials will be (cover letter, resume and availability schedule) Wednesday, January 18, 2017.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants must be current UC Berkeley student (graduate or undergraduate) and  I-House Resident to apply. International students must have permission to work in the U.S. Work study accepted. Successful candidates will be subjected to a background check, which may affect their ability to be hired. 

Job Description: 

International House Program Assistants work to foster the I-House mission through the design and implementation of educational, cultural and social programs for I-House residents, non-resident members, U.C. Berkeley international students and scholars, and the community.  Program Coordinators may also be assigned administrative duties, such as Program Office evening office hours.  Program Assistants work with the Program Office staff, as well as career and student staff from various departments in International House. 

Tasks Involved

Although you may be familiar with the more visible role of the Program Assistants in managing an event, there is often a large amount of administrative work done before, during and after the event for which the Program Assistant is responsible.  The tasks vary with each project assigned, but a “typical” project includes: project orientation with supervisor, making a timeline and budget, itemizing needed tasks, filing of paperwork, placing catering orders, arranging publicity and outreach, working at events.  Other types of projects might include arranging transportation for a group outing, assisting residents to organize a Council-sponsored event, setting up or serving refreshments at an event.  

Time Commitment

Program Assistants work approximately 10-15 hours per week, depending upon the number and size of programs assigned.  The hours are typically a combination of daytime, evening and/or weekend hours. Program Assistants are required to attend all training sessions, meetings, and to work assigned weekly office hours.  They are also expected to account for all hours worked on their specific programs and to prepare final evaluation reports. While academics are necessarily a program coordinator’s first priority, keep in mind that programs occur continuously throughout the year.  Successful Program Assistants are able to balance responsibilities of the job with papers, midterms, finals, and other areas of a student’s life.


Training of Program Assistants is done by I-House staff, experienced Program Assistants, and occasionally outside individuals.  Program Assistants receive training both in the practical aspects of planning and executing programs and in issues related to working in a culturally diverse environment.  Program Office staff will guide and advise you in your work, as you grow through hands-on experience.  As a Program Assistant you can expect to encounter unique and challenging situations which will require creativity, patience, good judgment, and the ability to act quickly. Program Assistants are compensated for time spent on all student staff training. Program Assistants at required to undergo 4-hour mandatory CPR training after selection.

Supervision and Evaluation

Program Assistants are supervised by career/professional staff of the Program Office.  Program Assistants are required to attend one team meeting every other week, in addition to weekly one-on-ones.  Student Program Assistants on an on-going basis in consultation with other International House staff.  Decisions about Program Assistant renewal appointments are made each semester based upon this evaluation.  However, employment as a Program Assistant may be terminated at any time during the semester for unsatisfactory performance. 


Program Assistants earn an hourly rate  of $11.15/hour up to $525 a month and can work up to 47 hours (budgeted hours). Payment is made monthly upon approval of time sheets submitted through Caltime.  Each Program Assistant is assigned a maximum number of hours per month, depending on their position and programs assigned. 

Necessary Skills and Experience

  • Belief in I-House Mission and a strong desire to build community among I-House Residents
  • Prior administrative and event planning experience (conferences, seminars, group activities) 
  • Strong organizational skills including the ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks, plan time efficiently
  • Ability to prioritize accordingly within a fast-paced deadline driven environment
  • Ability to work effectively both as a member of a team and independently with minimal supervision
  • Creativity, ability to be self-starting and self-directed, high level of motivation, initiative, and resourcefulness
  • Leadership ability within small and large group contexts
  • Strong public speaking, presentation, and communication (oral and written) skills
  • Demonstrated experience in, and sensitivities for working with diverse populations
  • Fluency on Microsoft Programs, specifically with Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point presentations
  • Prior international living and/or intercultural experience and multi-lingual abilities preferred 

Updated 9.15.2016